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Asia Pacific Region Outreach Programme with Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association 2018-2020

Asia Pacific Region Outreach Programme 2018-2020 is now into its second phase. Girl Guide Association Malaysia is supporting the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association by sending a team of trainers to deliver sessions in Tamil language for the Tamil speaking leaders in Sri Lanka. This year, the...

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Our Experiences in the Social Innovation Training

The social innovation has been developed by a team under the Joint Committee of Girl Guide in Denmark. Social innovation is all about acting on ideas in collaboration with othwrs to develop and implementing project ideas that create value to others. In relation to that, Girl Guide Association Malays...

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From 14th to 17th of July, the Girl Guides  Association Malaysia has organised a social innovation workshop at Kompleks Rakan Muda, Perak. To make it more interesting, we have invited girl guides from different states and also trainers from the Denmark. The Denmark trainers or also known as the...

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Tentang PPPM

Video Perkembangan mengenai Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia, sehingga Mac 2019.