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Gear Up Challenge Badge

Girl Guides Association Malaysia Gear Up Challenge was introduced in partnership with BAE System, aims to provide Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Clovers a range of engineering activities to experience engineering through interactive activities.Download the Gear Up Challenge Badge curriculum using the...

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Girl Guides Stay At Home Challenge

Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia telah mengambil inisiatif menghasilkan satu Pek Aktiviti "Stay At Home Challenge". Ahli-ahli Pandu Puteri di setiap peringkat adalah digalakkan untuk melalui cabaran-caraban yang disediakan dalam Pek Aktiviti tersebut untuk memperolehi 'Stay At Home...

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Special Invitation extended to ALL Queen's Guide members

Special Invitation extended to ALL Queen's Guide members,Kindly join us at the Majlis Pelancaran Pandu Puteri Siswi 2019Dewan Utama, Universiti Putra Malaysia4 December 2019 (9.30 am to 1.00 pm)10x30.pdfRegistration link to ALL Queen's Guides is as below: https://forms.gle/WP4ogjFbDBXhS...

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Tarikh : 18 September 2019Tempat : Politeknik MersingPertandingan Mewarna BatikPertandingan Melukis PosterPertandingan MedleyPertandingan Bicara BeriramaPertandingan KolamPowered by Froala Editor

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Tarikh : 12 Julai 2019 Hari : JumaatTempat  : SK (P) Bandar, Kluang  Powered by Froala Editor

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A welcome for participants of GIRLS' SUMMIT 2019! Powered by Froala Editor

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My Guiding experience cannot be limited by words

Ngim Su Juen, Queen's Guide, Melaka“ With my bare feet, I entered the rice field. I felt the ickiness of the mud surround my toes and a fear of leeches arose in me subconsciously. With much encouragement from my fellow guides beside me, I braved myself to finish the task at hand, looking f...

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How different would I be today? - Tan Ejin, Queen's Guide

My Journey in the Queen’s Guide AwardI remember sitting on the spiky green grass in my school field. It was a rare moment of silence as everyone’s attention drew to the 2 girls standing in front of the podium. They were wearing the normal green Girl Guide uniform, but what set them apart...

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Awesome exprience being a Queen's Guide

AWESOME EXPERIENCE BEING QUEEN GUIDELife is full of good and bad moments. Every day in itself brings various moments in our wonderful life. Whenever, we remember our amazing moment, we will get more excited. I also have a thrilling moment in my life.I remembered the day; it was a Saturday 27 April 2...

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Perkongsian Pandu Puteri Raja -Ainna Zahira

Hi, my name is Ainna Zahira bt Mohd Zamri and ill be sitting for my SPM this year (2019) .On the 27th of April 2019 , i was being awarded as a queens guide by  the Raja  Permaisuri Agong and the Tengku Ampuan of Pahang , Tunku Hajah Azizah Maimunah Iskandariah binti Almarhum Al-Mutawa...