IDG Message from WAGGGS World Board Chair and WAGGGS CEO

IDG Message from WAGGGS World Board Chair and WAGGGS CEO

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11th October 2018

Dear friends,

We are proud to celebrate the International Day of the Girl today. As the world’s only movement for every girl and any girl, we believe that each deserves to be the best they can be. Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting create empowering experiences for the 10 million people who are a part of our movement and address the needs and challenges girls face every day.

Today, girls are take over the roles of leaders and influencers in a global display of their power and potential. Across the world, girls are stepping into the shoes of presidents, head teachers, business leaders and more to show that girls should be free to dream and to lead.

 At the WAGGGS Bureau in London, Jenna Goodwin from Ireland took over Sarah’s role for the day and helped us explore innovative ways in which we can add value to our Membership Organisations and girls worldwide. Jenna has been a part of the Movement since she was 5 and has previously been the voice of women at various prestigious forums such as the Commission for Status of Women 61. We were thrilled to delve deeper into the overall strategy of the Movement with her to discover newer ways to build your capacity and facilitate the brilliant work you do. Follow us on our social media platforms to know more.

With an unprecedented amount of action taking place all over the world, we believe the International Day of the Girl is the perfect opportunity to show your support for girls’ rights. To mark International Day of the Girl, this year’s #TeamGirl pack is focused on the power and potential of girls. We hope you enjoy being a Superhero for the day. 

Best wishes,

Ana Maria Mideros (Chair, World Board) and Sarah Nancollas (Chief Executive)