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We have lots of exciting events around the world. Whether you want to visit a far-flung camp or build your leadership skills, you'll find something to suit you

menerbit semasa 2020-01-04 12:17:55

Queen's Guide Gathering & Meeting

Queen's Guides gathering at National Headquarters to discuss about ways to contribute to GGAM. We exchanged ideas and experiences and set up a protem committee for the next steps..Congratulations to the ProTem Committee of the Queen's Guide Guild of GGAM and to all Queen’s Guides atten...

menerbit semasa 2019-06-28 23:08:14

Sumbangan barangan kepada Orang Asli di Gua Musang

Sumbangan pakaian dan makanan kepada Orang Asli di Gua Musang dengan kerjasama FOFSAG Malaysia.

menerbit semasa 2019-06-28 23:05:39

Majlis Jamuan Hari Raya Trefoil Guild 2019

Majlis Jamuan Hari Raya telah dianjurkan oleh Trefoil Guild dan dihadiri oleh ahli-ahli Trefoil Guild, Ketua-ketua Pesuruhjaya Cawangan dan ahli penyokong yang lain. Majlis diadakan di Wisma Pandu Puteri, HQ.

menerbit semasa 2019-06-28 22:41:28

Bridging Guilds 2019

The bridging guilds event will take place in Grand Bluewave, Shah Alam involving the Trefoil Guilds members from Malaysia and also international Trefoil Guild members. A royal banquet will be held during one of the evenings as part of the highlights of the 4 days 3 nights events.